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SR-22 is not insurance, per se. Based on your driving history, an SR-22 form is additional documentation required to be filed with the state in addition to car insurance that proves you have a specific type of insurance based on your state's high risk drivers minimum liability limits and other insurance requirements.

You were probably cited for driving without insurance, had a DUI, DWI, multiple moving violations, an at-fault accident while driving without insurance or had your drivers license suspended or revoked for another reason. This type of driver is considered high risk and most states require SR-22 insurance filing in addition to car insurance reporting. If you need an SR22 insurance filing, call us at 626-334-7979 or fill out a car insurance quoterequest today.

SR-22 is Financial Responsibility Insurance for high risk drivers. Getting an SR-22 filed with your state's department of motor vehicles provides proof of financial responsibility and will serve to lift your license suspension. The length of time required for carrying SR22 is generally three years. You are also required to maintain car insurance whether or not you own a car. If you do not own a car, you would need a non-owner's car insurance policy.

If you fail to maintain continuous car insurance coverage and allow your insurance to lapse for any reason during the SR-22 reporting period, the consequence to you is serious. Since your insurance company is required by law to provide notification to your state, at minimum, you will lose driving privileges again and your driver's license will be immediately suspended or revoked.

Each state is unique and has their own requirements for filing SR-22 forms. In most states, you must continue to maintain SR22s in the state that the original SR-22 requirement was issued, even if you move out of state. In addition, insurance in your new state must meet the minimum liability limits in your former state, even if your new state's minimum is lower. Contact us before your move to ensure you are in compliance with your SR-22 insurance:(626) 334-7979

Once you have satisfied your state's SR-22 reporting requirements, your SR22 status expires. Serenity will take care of filing the SR-22 cancellation notice using form SR-26 or alternate cancellation form required for your specific state. At expiration, you can then obtain car insurance without filing another SR-22 form.

For more information about SR22, you may also have interest in reading up on DUI Penalties by State or the DUI Survival Guide.